You Can Choose to Be Rich by Robert Kiyosaki – Tutorial Audiobook + eBook Guide

you can choose to be rich

The Choose to Be Rich audio program is by far the best in the Rich Dad / Poor Dad series – because it’s the accumulation of most of the “Rich Dad” books and advisers on ONE audio program. 12 CD’s packed FULL of information and education on changing your mindset (Think It), educating yourself about the habits & investments of the rich and why they choose them (Learn It), and then applying what you’ve learned to your own life and finances so you too can become rich (Do It).

If you are a financial tard like I was, you should invest in the program – I did, and am glad I did! It covers the beginning basics of financial awareness, with exercises, examples and tons of info that will kick you in the seat and motivate you to get going! This program will teach you the 3-Step plan to wealth that Robert’s Rich Dad taught him.

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