Yoga Foundations with Travis Eliot Video Tutorial + eBook Guide

yoga foundations

Travis Eliot brings you another collection of home yoga video with Yoga Foundations. Throughout this 3-Class set Travis breaks down the crucial components you’ll need to perfect the most fundamental of Yoga poses. These poses are found in almost every form of yoga from Ashtanga to Bikram so any yoga enthusiast can appreciate them. The sequences are perfect for beginners but are also guaranteed to enlighten advanced students as Travis reviews the anatomical components of poses common to almost every form of yoga.

Hosted by renowned yoga instructor Travis Eliot whose international teachings have reached over 100,000 yoga enthusiasts worldwide.

Includes 3 Classes perfect for the beginner interested in trying Yoga

Foundations Class 1 (46 min), Foundations Class 2 (54 min), Foundations Class 3 (53 min)

Includes 36-Page Training Guide with Yoga Pose Index and Class Sequencing notes

Bonus How-To-Video Tutorial for coaching beginners through the basic poses

If you are brand new to yoga and have always wanted to try the practice but just feel intimidated this is the perfect entry point for your practice. Explore the elements of the poses as you are expertly guided though the practice. This class is a perfect blend of teaching points and vinyassa yoga.

The Ultimate Yogi with Travis Eliot – The All-In-One Yoga DVD & Fitness Program + Guides can be downloded from here:

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