Xbox Series X price leak could confirm our worst fears

Xbox Series X price leak could confirm our worst fears

Microsoft is slowly revealing the full picture ahead of the Xbox Series X console release, but is yet to spill the beans on how much it’ll cost.

Perhaps with good reason too. Most observers are predicting a high retail cost for the next-gen console. Revealing that price now could see a backlash from gamers ahead of the November on-sale date.

However, despite Microsoft’s efforts to keep it under wraps, the price may now be out in the wild. And it could be the news we all feared.

Speaking on the Kinda Funny X-Cast, games journalist Alanah Pearce says she was sent a screenshot of a retail listing which had the Series X at a wallet busting $599 (around £457). She says the person who sent the tip wished to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, but added that the screenshot also contained the November on-sale date.

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We haven’t been able to verify the source was in the retail chain or the whether the screenshot was the genuine article, or perhaps a placeholder with the real price yet to be revealed.

What this means for the UK gamer isn’t clear. For the Xbox One, Microsoft started at $499 and that was reflected as £429 when it landed on UK shores.

However, the fall in the value of sterling in the years that have followed means more tech companies are now simply switching the dollar symbol for the sterling symbol and keeping the number the same. Could Microsoft really be preparing to ask gamers for £600 for the new Series X console?

It’s likely to be a little time yet until Microsoft confirms the price, but amid rumours it will carry a hefty tag, we certainly wouldn’t rule that out.

Would you be willing to pay £600 for the Xbox Series X, or is Microsoft asking too much of loyal gamers here? Let us know @trustedreviews on Twitter.


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