Word Master – Improve Your Vocabulary – Audio Tutorial

word master

Your words are the building blocks for the life of your dreams. Every time you express yourself clearly and convincingly you rise above the competition. Success expert Denis Waitley understands that a large and useful vocabulary is a powerful measure of personal effectiveness and an essential tool for getting ahead. Now he helps you use that knowledge to improve your vocabulary to improve your life with WordMaster.

5 stars

Using the science of word order, multiple voices, and exclusive music written and recorded to help you listen and learn, WordMaster is specifically programmed to maximize your vocabulary building with minimum time and effort. In place of the anonymous routines of other vocabulary programs, master motivator Denis Waitley adds his own trusted perspective to keep you focused and engaged.

This dynamic program features 500 vocabulary words that are pronounced, spelled, defined and used in context utilizes “suggestopedic” background music to make learning almost effortless gives you the tools you need to make you words work for you offers synonyms exposing you to over 1,500 more words that you want to know
Make your words speak for you. One of the world’s most popular motivational speakers puts you in charge of your vocabulary.


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