What is Apple MagSafe? The new/old iPhone 12 charging tech explained

What is Apple MagSafe? The new/old iPhone 12 charging tech explained

Apple is bringing back MagSafe charging, enabling iPhone 12 handsets to be wirelessly charged by a magnetic disc placed on the rear of the device. The MagSafe brand also introduces a range of new accessories. So, what is MagSafe?

What is MagSafe?

In the context of the new iPhone 12, MagSafe is a new way to charge an iPhone 12 handset, without the need for a lightning cable to be plugged in. The new handsets feature magnets in a new rear casing, which will snap to a charging dock for a secure charge. It’s very similar to the existing charging solution for the Apple Watch.

How does MagSafe for iPhone work?

Apple explained the new components within its iPhone 12 models that enable MagSafe. There’s a copper-graphite shield, a magnet array, a polycarbonate housing, a charging coil, an e-shield and an NFC component too. In the centre of all that is an alignment magnet that will ensure the charger sits in the optimal place for maximum charging efficiency.

How fast is MagSafe for iPhone?

MagSafe has a maximum speed of 15W. Not exactly a world-beating figure when you look at what the likes of OnePlus are doing, but beats Apple’s previous best of 7.5w for Qi wireless charging.

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Are there other MagSafe accessories?

Yes, quite a few actually, with more to come. Apple revealed a slim leather credit card wallet that can be affixed to the iPhone, a new leather sleeve case that uses the magnet to simply display the clock through a peep hole. There’s also a new MagSafe Duo combo charger designed for charging both an Apple Watch and an iPhone. Is this the replacement AirPower device Apple was rumoured to be working on? Apple also revealed it is opening MagSafe to third-party accessory makers, with Belkin the first on board.

Does MacSafe come with the iPhone 12?

Apple has now confirmed the pricing and availability for the MagSafe chargers and accessories, which will not be bundled in with the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, the iPhone 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max.

The MagSafe Charger itself is £39.99. The brown leather credit card wallet is £59.99. The clear MagSafe compatible case is and the silicone case are £49.99. The MagSafe Duo charger is not listed on Apple’s website at this time.

Where have I seen MagSafe before?

Longtime MacBook users are still mourning the loss of MagSafe, the magnetic laptop charging cable that would detach with a slight pull, but hold in place the rest of the time. It rescued heaven-knows how many MacBooks from crashing from desk table to unforgiving floor. Unfortunately, it was discontinued with the advent of USB-C charging Macs in 2016. Now it’s back and Mac users might be feeling a little trolled.

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