Vivaldi 3.2 launches with pop-out video improvements

Vivaldi 3.2 launches with pop-out video improvements

Vivaldi Technologies released the web browser Vivaldi 3.2 to the Stable channel on August 5, 2020. The new version of the browser for supported desktop systems improves the built-in pop-out video functionality and contains other improvements.


Existing Vivaldi installations should pick up the new browser version automatically after its official release on August 5, 2020 at 9:00 CET. The browser checks for updates regularly by default to download and install new versions automatically. The new version is also available for download at the official website as usual.


Vivaldi engineers improved the browser’s native pop-out video feature significantly in the new release. Pop-out video enables users to move HTML video content, e.g. on YouTube, Netflix or Twitch, to a separate window that can be moved and resized independently of the actual web browser window.


All it takes is to click on the icon at the top center of the video that is playing in the browser to use pop-out video in the browser. The video is moved to its own window at that point and moved back when you close it.


vivaldi pop-out video


The icon is one of the improvements of the functionality. Some users, those who don’t use pop-out video at all, may find it distracting as it is displayed whenever you hover over the video in the browser. Vivaldi, being a highly customizable browser, allows you to disable the feature easily in the settings.


Just select Menu > Tools > Settings, or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-F12 to open the Settings window. There you need to open Webpages in the sidebar and remove the checkmark from “Picture-in-Picture Button on Videos”. The icon won’t be displayed anymore after you restart the browser.


vivaldi picture in picture


The new pop-out video interface features another improvement: a mute button. It is now easier to mute the playing video with a click, and to unmute it at any time with another. Muting is also available in the right-click menu of the tab that hosts the video, and via the browser’s quick commands feature. Vivaldi users may also use the slider to jump to any position of the video using it.


Vivaldi 3.2 includes fixes for issues and a few other changes including an upgrade to Chromium 84.0.4147.108. The browser’s URL cropping feature has been improved in the new version as well. Vivaldi users may hold down the Ctrl-key before clicking on the URL displayed in the address bar to go up  a level. In Vivaldi 3.2, you may hover over the URL while holding down the Ctrl-key to better see which part of the address is getting cropped when you left-click.



Vivaldi 3.2 launches with pop-out video improvements


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