V is for Vagina Your A to Z Guide to Periods, Piercings, Pleasures and So Much More

You might expect a book about the vagina to be clinical, boring, or bordering on XXX. That’s not the case with V is for Vagina: You’re A to Z Guide to Periods, Piercings, Pleasures and So Much More. This paperback about the most private part of a woman’s body delivers medically-sound, comprehensive information in a hip, fun, and fascinating format. It’s hugely accessible to women, whether 18 or 88.

Co-authored by OB/GYN Dr. Alyssa Dweck and sex/relationship über author Robin Westen, V is for Vagina sheds light on the most misunderstood part of a woman’s body. From Kegels to cunnilingus, and self-exams to semen allergies, V Is for Vagina delivers the good, the bad, and the time-for-the-pharmacy truths – even about subjects you might be too embarrassed to discuss with your gynecologist. Topics are at times controversial but written about in an easy-to-read, conversational style, making the book the go-to guide for all things vagina.

Take the entertaining quiz at the beginning of the book to rate your V expertise. Do you have supreme knowledge of your Lady Flower or are you totally in the dark about your Cha Cha? (Most women are somewhere in between!)

Check out the book’s alphabetized chapters from A (A & G Spot and Every Erogenous Zone You’ve Ever Imagined) to Z (Zen Appreciation… Nurturing the Mind-V Connection), or use it as a reference guide to answer specific questions. However you choose to read it, you’ll become better acquainted with your Lady Flower while learning how to keep that amazing organ healthy and happy.


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