Urban Agriculture – Ideas and Designs for the New Food Revolution

Urban Agriculture Ideas And Designs New Food Revolution

You don’t have to journey to a rural paradise to find the farm of the future. It’s your neighbor’s suburban lawn, the roof of your uptown condominium, or the co-op market garden in the vacant lot down the street. Urban Agriculture is a detailed look at how food is taking root in our cities. It offers inspirational advice and working examples to help you dig in and become more self-sufficient with your own food choices.

Taking the local food movement to its next logical step, this fully illustrated, design-rich guide presents a cornucopia of proven ideas for:

Windowsill and container growing
Edible landscaping
Farming the commons
Community gardening from allotments to collectives and community orchards
Taking urban agriculture to the next level with creative spaces, bigger lots, and higher yields

Urban Agriculture is about shaping a new food system that values people and the planet above profits. First-time farmers and green thumbs alike will be inspired to get growing by working examples and expert interviews. Proving that the city of the future will be green and tasty, this book is packed with edible solutions for anyone keen to join the new food revolution.

David Tracey is a journalist, environmental designer, and the author of Guerrilla Gardening: A Manualfesto. The director of EcoUrbanist in Vancouver, he is an advocate for all those reclaiming our right to great food through urban agriculture.


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