Tristan Taormino Expert Guide to The G-Spot Video Tutorial

expert guide to gspot

Honest Information. Explicit Techniques. Incredible Sensuality. Sex expert Taormino teaches a G-spot workshop for couples where she reviews female sexual anatomy, dispels myths about the G-spot, and offers explicit advice to improve and enhance G-spot stimulation. Sarah and Donna demonstrate various techniques as Tristan narrates what they are doing. Delve into the world of the G-spot with sex expert Tristan Taormino and her sexy demonstrating couples, as you learn, experience, and enjoy this unique form of pleasure… led by experts who know it best.

I used to think the G-spot was a myth, boy was I wrong! As I’ve gotten older I’ve taken advantage of the internet to help me learn more about sex and found some good sites and I have learned a LOT, but this video is the next best thing to taking a class on the subject. Real adult film stars makes this video truly pleasing to watch alone or with a partner. The instructional part is very through, going over female anatomy that de-mystifies the G-spot and female ejaculation… how to, where to and with what you should do to arouse the female G spot.


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