Tristan Taormino Expert Guide to Female Orgasms Video Tutorial

expert guide to female orgasms

Female orgasms are as unique as the women who have them. Yet too many women struggle in the search for erotic fulfillment alone or especially with a partner. Do you want to have your first orgasm? Do you want to teach your partner how to help you have an orgasm during sex? Do you want to have better, longer, easier, or more intense orgasms? Renowned sex expert Tristan Taormino dispels myths and shares information about the wonders of female orgasm. From anatomy and arousal to external stimulation and penetration techniques, she’ll show you the ins and outs of female pleasure and satisfaction.

You’ll learn about:
The phases of the female arousal cycle and how they vary
Different types of orgasms
The best vibrators for pleasure and orgasm
Clitoral stimulation techniques: oral, manual, and with a vibrator
G-spot toys and stimulation techniques, squirting and orgasms
How to have an orgasm during vaginal intercourse
Anal eroticism and orgasmic possibilities

Then watch and learn as five diverse couples talk openly and share their honest advice. As they demonstrate a variety of techniques that work for them, their personal journeys reveal how each woman achieves and experiences orgasm in very different ways. Dive into the diverse, complex, and beautiful world of female pleasure and orgasm!


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