Tile and Intel team-up to end the agony of lost laptops

Tile and Intel team-up to end the agony of lost laptops

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The makers of the Tile bluetooth tracking devices have announced a partnership with Intel that would make its easier to keep tabs on the location of laptops.

Tile’s technology will be built directly into Intel’s silicon and it’ll be available for PC manufacturers to include in their notebooks and laptops before the end of the year.

In a press release, Tile says the integration will enable portable PCs to be tracked even when the laptop in question is in sleep mode. Both parties are already talking to PC makers about the best ways to integrate the tech and it’ll be decided on an individual basis.

Tile has already announced an accord with HP, but the partnership with Intel means a massive array of laptops will soon benefit from Tile’s market-leading Bluetooth tracking tech.

The firm says that most people lose their devices are lost in the home, so Tile integration will provide a quick means of locating those ultra-thin notebooks down the side of the sofa.

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The £30 a year Tile Premium subscription will also be helpful for outside the home, enabling users to set smart alerts for when they leave a device behind. The feature also has a 30-day location history, making it even easier to find the lost item if some thieving swine has scarpered off with it.

With any luck Tile will extend the Premium service to owners of the requisite laptops with Intel inside. Of course, it’s already possible to purchase many of the available Tile trackers and affix them to a laptop in order to achieve this functionality.

Tile currently sells the Tile Sticker for £34.99 (two pack), the Tile Mate for £19.99, the Tile Slim for £24.99 and the Tile Pro for £29.99.

The firm is making a number of pre-emptive strikes, with Apple’s interpretation of the tracking technology thought to be arriving imminently. The Apple AirTag devices will leverage the power of Apple’s existing Find My app to help users recover lost items. We’re expecting Apple to drop these in the near future.

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