Thunderbird 78.3.3 is out. Find out what is new

Thunderbird 78.3.3 is out. Find out what is new

The Thunderbird email client development team has released a new version of the latest version of the desktop client for all supported operating systems. Thunderbird 78.3.3 is a minor bug fix release that addresses issues in the client’s OpenPGP implementation and in the built-in calendar.


Thunderbird installations should pick up the new version of the email client automatically as it is available already. Administrators who don’t want to wait for that to happen can select Help > About Thunderbird to run a manual check for updates. The client’s built in updating module will pick up the new version and install it automatically.


mozilla thunderbird 78.3.3


The new Thunderbird 78.3.3 can also be downloaded from the official project website. It can be used to install Thunderbird for the first time but also to upgrade existing installations of the program on the target system.


Three of the four fixes in Thunderbird 78.3.3 address issues in the OpenPGP implementation. Thunderbird introduced native support for OpenPGP in version 78. The functionality was disabled at first but enabled soon thereafter. It enables users to encrypt and decrypt email messages provided that recipient and sender use encryption to protect emails from being read without permission.


The following three issues have been fixed in the new version:

  • OpenPGP: Improved support for encrypting with subkeys
  • OpenPGP message status icons were not visible in message header pane
  • OpenPGP Key Manager was missing from Tools menu on macOS

These appear to be minor changes for the most part.


The fourth and final change in Thunderbird 78.3.3 fixes a calendar issue. Previous versions of the email client did not require an event title when adding new calendar events using the built-in calendar; this changes with the new release as event titles are now a mandatory field when adding new events to the calendar.


The long-standing issue that the message list is not focused when the email client starts up remains. It is a minor issue.


You can check out the entire release notes here.



Thunderbird 78.3.3 is out. Find out what is new


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