This major PS5 feature won’t be ready at launch

This major PS5 feature won't be ready at launch


One of the major features of Sony’s PlayStation 5 is its immersive 3D audio, although the company has confirmed that it won’t be fully compatible at launch. 

The PS5 will support two distinct audio modes which are designed for headphones and TV speakers respectively, although only the former will be ready in time for the November 12 launch. 

Writing in a new blog post, the company breaks down some of the workings behind its Tempest 3D Audio Engine, which will be capable of turning any headset into one which supports 3D audio and all of its compatible games. 

The company has stressed that its official Pulse 3D Headset will be the best way to experience PS5 (because of course it would) although has stressed that all existing bluetooth headsets and those connected via a 3.5mm jack will also be supported, but arguably won’t carry the same level of quality as official peripherals. 

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You can find the full list of titles set to support 3D Audio below, although we expect this selection to grow substantially in the months and years to come: 

Unfortunately, Sony has confirmed that this feature won’t be ready for your TV speakers at launch, with software implementation still in the works at the time of writing. When exactly it will arrive remains unclear, so if you want to experience 3D audio in November, you’ll need to have a pair of capable headphones by your side.

We’d rather Sony takes its time and ensure that 3D audio is working at its best before rolling it out in full, since such a feature being absent won’t ruin the experience in any major way. Trusted Reviews will be sure to let you know when a release date for the update is confirmed. For now, check out our PS5 hub and list of best upcoming games ahead of the November launch.


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