The new Polaroid Hi-Print puts fade-proof prints in your pocket

The new Polaroid Hi-Print puts fade-proof prints in your pocket

The Hi-Print is a pocket printer that aims to channel the nostalgia of instant photography in the digital world. Polaroid unveiled the nifty, pocket-sized device today, expanding on its existing range of portable printers.

The Hi-Print takes advantage of the dye-sublimation printing process to create consistent, high-resolution, fade-proof photographs. The process involves an all-in-one cartridge that uses heat to seal images into water and smudge-resistant prints.

Printing an image takes under one minute and promises to leave you with an adorable, credit-card sized, sticker-backed print. Then all you need to do is slap it onto your locker, scrapbook or anywhere else you like to keep your memories.

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While the Hi-Print isn’t the first Polaroid device to print images from your phone, it is the first digital product to see a release since the company underwent a rebrand in March to get back in touch with its classic roots. That means the printer also features the classic Polaroid rainbow.

Thankfully, the Hi-Print is slightly more forgiving than your old-school Polaroid. The device is supported by the Hi-Print app for Android and iOS, which carries a number of photo editing tools, including filters, overlays, frames, text, stickers and more, so you can personalise your prints and make sure they always catch your best light.

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The 2 x 3 pocket printer uses 2.1 by 3.4-inch (54 x 86mm) paper cartridges and each refill package contains two cartridges, alongside a colour ribbon and ten sheets of photo paper. That means the package matches up perfectly with the Hi-Print’s 20 print battery life, so you shouldn’t have to worry about your printer dying on-the-go.

The Hi-Print also supports wireless Bluetooth connectivity, making it easy to sync up your phone and print when you’re out and about.

The Polaroid Hi-Print is available to buy from Polaroid today. The Hi-Print Pocket Photo Printer is priced at £89.99, while the 2 x 3 Paper Cartridge will cost you £15.99 for 20 prints. The Polaroid Hi-Print app is available to download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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