The Lotte Berk Method Workout Collection Video Tutorial

Excellent…everyone should try the Lotte Berk Method! It is a low-impact, extraordinarily effective program that firms, tones, lengthens, and shapes muscles to their optimal form. Its’ system of concentrated movements and deep muscle conditioning is designed to make each woman get her best body.

lotte berk

The Lotte Berk Method, 4 Disc Set: Basic Essentials, Hip Hugger Abs, Muscle Eats Fat, High Round Assets.

All 4 DVD’s are 30 minutes, and have lots of bonus features, including trailers for the other Lotte Berk DVD’s, and even a special short bonus workout. The quality of the picture and sound is excellent, and the workouts are chaptered so you can go where you want. They all start out the same way, with about 7 minutes of the same warmup. It consists of vigorous knee lifts, pushups (the kind you do on your knees), and backwards pushups for the triceps. Then, there is the workout.

The Basic Essentials goes to the barre at this point. You can use a chair or table, and they even have one person demonstrating how to do it on the wall. There are some ballet type workouts with deep plies and other standing leg work. It works your buns and thighs. This goes on for 15 minutes or so, and then there is the Shape by Stretch, which is sort of like yoga stretches. They explain that it will make the muscles you just toned look more lean. I really like this workout. It was a good introduction to the series, and it works total body (abs, arms, butt, and thighs). They teach you about the Lotte Berk tuck really well in this one, which is a way to protect your back and firm your abdomen.

Muscle Eats Fat starts with the same warm-up as the others, then uses light hand weights. It’s nothing too difficult, but you can feel it working. It then goes to Knee Dancing, a sort of toning thing where you are kneeling but you are not all the way up or down and you can really feel it in your thighs. Then Shape By Stretch.

Hip Hugger Abs starts with the warm-up, then a little barre work, then mat work. It is mostly isometric work, not repetitions. But do you ever feel it! The main exercise is sitting up with your knees into your chest, and then leaning back and holding yourself halfway. You’ll do different modifications of that. Then some sit-up type things, but they are very different and they feel more effective without really wearing out your back and neck. Then some side work for your obliques. Then, Shape By Stretch.

High Round Assets are for sexy beautiful butts and for the breasts of the new decade. A “hanging bottom” is a frustrating condition suffered by too many women. But the exercises of the Lotte Berk Method are the most effective ever created to firm and raise and firm your derriere . You will learn proper pelvic positioning and exercise movements to work these muscles and pull up your seat. You will love how effectively the Lotte Berk Method delivers you High Round Assets! 30-minute workout plus bonus segments.

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