The Great Courses How Jesus Became God Video and Audio Tutorial + Course Guidebook

the great courses how jesus became god

Great Courses favorite Professor Bart D. Ehrman returns with the unprecedented historical inquiry of How Jesus Became God. In 24 provocative lectures, Professor Ehrman takes you deeply into the process by which the divinity of Jesus was first conceived by his followers, demonstrating how this conception was refined over time to become the core of the Christian theology that has so significantly shaped our civilization.

24 Video lectures – 30 minutes each, 24 MP3 Audio lectures, and a detailed 168 page PDF Course Guidebook is included.

As an extra, all 24 course lectures are included in MP3 audio format also!

Enjoy the convenience of experiencing this course while driving, exercising, etc. While the video does contain visual elements, the professor presents the material in an engaging and clear manner, so the visuals are not necessary to understand the concepts. Additionally, you may refer to the accompanying course guidebook for diagrams, illustrations, and examples that are cited throughout the course.


LECTURE 1 – Jesus—The Man Who Became God
LECTURE 2 – Greco-Roman Gods Who Became Human
LECTURE 3 – Humans as Gods in the Greco-Roman World
LECTURE 4 – Gods Who Were Human in Ancient Judaism
LECTURE 5 – Ancient Jews Who Were Gods
LECTURE 6 – The Life and Teachings of Jesus
LECTURE 7 – Did Jesus Think He Was God?
LECTURE 8 – The Death of Jesus—Historical Certainties
LECTURE 9 – Jesus’s Death—What Historians Can’t Know
LECTURE 10 – The Resurrection—What Historians Can’t Know
LECTURE 11 – What History Reveals about the Resurrection
LECTURE 12 – The Disciples’ Visions of Jesus
LECTURE 13 – Jesus’s Exaltation—Earliest Christian Views
LECTURE 14 – The Backward Movement of Christology
LECTURE 15 – Paul’s View—Christ’s Elevated Divinity
LECTURE 16 – John’s View—The Word Made Human
LECTURE 17 – Was Christ Human? The Docetic View
LECTURE 18 – The Divided Christ of the Separationists
LECTURE 19 – Christ’s Dual Nature—Proto-Orthodoxy
LECTURE 20 – The Birth of the Trinity
LECTURE 21 – The Arian Controversy
LECTURE 22 – The Conversion of Constantine
LECTURE 23 – The Council of Nicea
LECTURE 24 – Once Jesus Became God

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