The Fishmongers Apprentice – The Experts Guide to Selecting, Preparing, and Cooking a World of Seafood, Taught

the fish mongels

The masters featured in The Fishmonger’s Apprentice teach old-world, classic skills to the modern food enthusiast. Through extensive, diverse profiles of experienced experts plus tutorials, the reader gleans insider access to real-life fishermen, wholesale markets, fish buyers, chefs, and other sources – far away from the supermarket, and everywhere the fish go well before it makes it to the table. The comprehensive guides in Quarry’s Apprentice series go beyond the basics or 101 books by pairing illustrated instruction, techniques, and recipes with extensive expert profiles. Our book is a handbook for enjoying fish–from fishing line to filleting knife and beyond – that offers instructional content as well as narrative, lifestyle-oriented insight. Everyone from casual cooks to devoted epicures will learn even more ways to buy, prepare, serve, and savor all types of seafood. The book’s information guides readers’ shopping list, nutritional choices, food experiments, and even backyard or (harbor-side) projects.


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