The Encyclopedia of Tae Kwan Do – General Choi eBook Tutorial

encyclopedia of tae kwando

This one of a kind encyclopedia has 15 volumes consisting of 5,000 pages with 30,000 photos. The encyclopedia is the culmination of General Choi’s lifelong research into Tae Kwon Do’s history and development. This complete encyclopedia includes: Origins and the development of martial arts, the complete history of Tae Kwon Do, culture and philosophy, theory of power, attacking and blocking tools, vital spots, stances, hand and foot techniques, free fighting, fundamental exercises, step-by-step instructions to all the original 24 Tae Kwon Do forms.

Volume Descriptions

VOL 1. Origin and Development of Martial Arts Complete History of Tae Kwon Do Moral Culture & Philosophy Philosophy Training Schedule & Compostion of Taekwon-do Demonstration About the Author Group Photos
VOL 2. Theory of Power & Attacking & Blocking Tools Vital Spots & Training Stances & Training Aids
VOL 3. Hand Techniques
VOL 4. Foot Techniques
VOL. 5. Sparring (free and step sparring)
VOL. 6. Fundamental Exercises (A)
VOL. 7. Fundamental Exercises (B)
VOL. 8. Four Direction Punch Four Direction Block Chon-Ji Tul Dan-Gun Tul Do-San Tul
VOL. 9. Won-Hyo Tul Yul-Guk Tul Joong-Gun Tul
VOL. 10. Toi-Gye Tul Four Direction Thrust Hwa-Rang Tul Choong-Moo Tul
VOL. 11. Gwang-Gae Tul Po-Eun Tul Ge-Baek Tul
VOL. 12. Eui-Am Tul Choong-Jung Tul Juche Tul
VOL. 13. Sam-IL Tul Yoo-Sin Tul Choi-Yong Tul
VOL. 14. Yon-Gae Tul Ul-Ji Tul Moon-Moo Tul
VOL. 15. So-San Tul Se-Jong Tul Tong-Il Tul Many blackand white and some

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