The Bible of Algorithms and Data Structures: A Complex Subject Simply Explained eBook Tutorials

the bible of algorithms

The field of algorithms and data structures is one of the most important in computer science. You will rarely be invited to a coding interview at Google, Microsoft or Facebook and not be asked questions about it. This is because these companies know how valuable the skills taught are. It doesn’t matter if you are into machine learning, ethical hacking, cyber security or enterprise software engineering. You will always need to be able to work with algorithms and data structures.

This book is for everyone who is interested in an intuitive and simple approach to algorithms and data structures. It is for everyone who is frustrated with memorizing dry formal definitions. This bible covers all the formal definitions that are important and necessary but it mainly focuses on breaking complex things down in a simple way. At the end, you will not only know how to formally analyze algorithms but you will also deeply understand what is happening behind the scenes and why things are the way they are.

After Reading This Book You Will Have The Following Skills:

• Intuitive understanding of algorithms and data structures
• Analyzing the runtime complexity of algorithms
• Using the Big O notation
• Dissecting and analyzing sorting algorithms (Bubble Sort, Merge Sort, Quick Sort…)
• Understanding and applying graph theory and related algorithms (BFS, DFS, Kruskal, Dijkstra)
• Understanding basic data structures and their time complexities (Linked Lists, Stacks, Heaps, Trees…)
• Using self-balancing trees (AVL, B-Tree…)
• Understanding and applying hashing and collision resolution

Master Algorithms and Data Structure Simply and Intuitively!


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