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stealth attraction

Stealth Attraction reviews have been flooding the Internet and reveals the truth about Richard La Ruina’s latest guide to a same-night lay with any woman men want. This is one of the best and most unique PUA courses – It’s not like the usual e-book you buy online that contains the same rehashed information you find in every other course…it’s a practical course delivered over a number of video modules where Richard teaches (and in a lot of cases demonstrates) all the techniques he has developed over the years.

The course focuses mainly on night game and is broken down into 3 detailed modules. My favourite part of the course by far is the section in module 2 where he talks about stealth seduction and stealth arousal…look out for the part where he shows the trick that you can use on girls wearing dresses, it’s awesome! He also teaches a lot of good techniques on approaching women in clubs and how to do the “extraction” at the end of the night to get her to your place.

Overall I think Richard teaches a lot of unique techniques in this course and you’ll definitely learn some stuff that you haven’t seen in other courses. If you want to improve your game the this absolutely one of the courses you should invest in.

Stealth Attraction is particularly meant to help men pick up high class women. It’s an undisputable fact that high-class women are the most difficult to pick up. In addition, such women can only be found in high-end clubs and bars, and the crowd in such a scenario is often the same. A few rebuffs in such a club will seriously compromise your social reputation, which is why avoiding rejection is critical. This is why you must make a strong impression the very first time you enter such a club; otherwise you ruin your chances completely, no matter how many times you keep going back.

Discretion is a significant part of the training program that is emphasized as important when interacting with high quality women. Since it is a video program, you get to look at the subtleties involved in the process; you could even playback or freeze frame so you can properly observe the facial expressions used. The program also consists of a membership forum where learners can read as well as post questions and comments for each of the videos. This kind of hands-on support is meant to enhance the learning experience so you can easily implement everything you learn.
Who is Stealth Attraction for?

Ideally, Stealth Attraction is designed for men whose seduction techniques are at the intermediate or advanced level. In fact, beginners may find that the techniques included are more harmful than helpful. As such, beginners are advised to go for dating programs that are specifically meant for beginners, offering an introduction to female seduction.
What did others have to say about it?

Those who have gone through the program agree that it may not be the ideal resource for beginners. In fact, several beginners realized that they were better off looking for programs specifically meant for them before diving into the wealth of information provided in Stealth Attraction, not because of its complexity, but simply because they were not accustomed to discretion and subtlety when interacting with women. However, it proved to be resourceful for those whose main intent was to attract high class women, including fashion models.

“There are a lot of video courses that are nothing more than glorified PowerPoint presentations with voice overs. Stealth Attraction’s online video courses are thankfully not done in that style and what I like is that it is Richard La Ruina himself who teaches and demonstrates his techniques to you with the help of real female assistants. This might not seem like a big deal, but it’s cool because you get to better visualize how and when to use these techniques and can use this later on once you start putting them to action. Not a lot of guys like being rejected, and I think this approach is invaluable and it’s done so subtly that women don’t notice this kind of probing at all. Richard La Ruina just gets what most guys would want from a PUA product. You can literally be applying his techniques in just hours after watching the videos.”

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