Sony PS5 games will go on sale before you can play them

Sony PS5 games will go on sale before you can play them

Sony PS5 games and accessories will go on sale in the UK a week before the console arrives on shelves.

Emails sent to PS5 pre-order customers by the UK retailer GAME reveals buyers will be able to start building their games library with physical titles on November 12.

“We wanted to let you know that the release date for games and accessories has now been moved forward to Thursday 12 November,” the email received by a member of the Trusted Reviews team says.

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The email also explains that games pre-ordered with the console as part of a bundle will still be shipped with the console, in time for a November 19 arrival. However, any other games and accessories you wish to buy will be available on November 12.

It isn’t clear why Sony has made this decision, but it’s likely down to a logistical issue to ensure distributors and retailers aren’t scrambling with the deliveries of both hardware and software on release day. Sony made a similar decision with the PS4, so this isn’t exactly a surprise.

What Sony isn’t being so upfront about is the PS5 stock situation. Thus far there’s only been a couple of brief pre-order windows, which left a majority of potential buyers disappointed. The console was initially available from Amazon, Currys/PC World, Game and Smyths, but stocks were extinguished almost immediately. A second wave of pre-orders arrived and were exhausted in similar circumstances. Now gamers are awaiting a third-wave, with Sony itself acknowledging the process could have been smoother.

The firm says: “We will release more PS5 consoles for preorder – retailers will share more details. And more PS5s will be available through the end of the year.”

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