Some LG TVs just got way more Apple-friendly – here’s how

Some LG TVs just got way more Apple-friendly – here's how

LG has announced the Apple TV app is currently rolling out to owners of its 2018 OLED and Super UHD televisions, with more Apple goodness to follow.

In a tweet on Monday, LG UK said that viewers worldwide will be able to enjoy the Apple TV app from today, with 2018 UHD TVs scheduled to follow suit. LG also says the AirPlay 2 and HomeKit is coming to all of those 2018 and promises to being more news on the rollout of those features in due time.

In most cases, owners of those sets will simply see the Apple TV app show up on the home screens of their OLED devices. That’ll give them access to all of that original content, as well as any purchases they’ve made via iTunes.

AirPlay 2 will make it possible for users to stream content from iOS and iPadOS devices directly to their LG TV without the need for an Apple TV set-top box. HomeKit will make it possible to control compatible smart home devices from the television interface, which will be another nice bonus for owners of legacy televisions.

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LG has already brought support for this trio of Apple TV to its newer TVs and it came as standard with the 2020 models. Back in January, Apple said the 2019 and 2018 sets would be next, with the launch on 2019 sets coming in July. Many other third party TV manufactures have also integrated Apple’s technology within their sets, including those from Samsung and Vizio, for example.

While it was initially a surprise to see Apple take this route initially, things have become clearer since the launch of the Apple TV Plus platform. The widespread rollout of tech like AirPlay and HomeKit also appears to suggest the idea of a dedicated Apple-branded TV set is now dead in the water.

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