ShopNotes Magazine – The Complete Final Edition DVD


A collection of advice on jigs, fixtures, methods of work, processes and projects, all issues share the attributes of being clear, concise, and widely informative. 23 years of ShopNotes magazine, Issues 1-138, now on one Computer DVD. It’s fully searchable and printer-friendly. Every plan, every tip & every shop-tested technique at your fingertips. instantly! Easy to find exactly what you’re looking for!

5 stars

• Access every issue, article, photo, and illustration ever published!
• Every plan, tip and technique – everything for your shop
• The complete 138 issue collection, now on one Final Edition DVD!

The notes are profusely illustrated. Whether it is describing how to put an end loop on a coil spring or how to make a simple beam compass, the advice is always direct and simple, using mainly tools that are available in a normal home shop. With the vast number of projects and ideas presented, either single issues or the sets make unique gifts for woodworkers, history buffs, engineers, and even students.

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