Sex Secrets A Husbands Guide To Love Making


Make your lover so “hot to trot” she’ll practically drag you into bed. Discover how women really view sex, what they desire, and how to bring more pleasure to your mate and yourself. Enjoy sex in ways you’ve likely only dreamed about. “Sex Secrets” reveals between-these-covers secrets: How pheromones make (or break) relationships, the common medication that reverses a woman’s attraction toward her lover; foods and minerals essential for a healthy sex life…

And sports, medicines, and foods destroy a man’s lovemaking abilities almost overnight. Learn how to make love like an Energizer bunny, why size does not matter, and four ways to bring a woman to orgasm (actually five ways, but two are combined). Also: “sexercises” to treat ED, and an uncompromising look at “medical fixes” for sexual problems including anorgasmia, priapism, etc. Learn how to have a super sex life that will help build (or rebuild) a fulfilling relationship.

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