Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2: New renders hint at the foldable’s design

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2: New renders hint at the foldable's design

Samsung Galaxy Fold
Samsung Galaxy Fold

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 rumours have really started to gain speed this month as we’ve seen a name and renders of Samsung’s most premium smartphone emerge. As we get closer to the Fold 2’s launch date, Trusted Reviews has collected all the latest information, leaks and rumours to keep you in the know about the upcoming foldable. 

The name jump from the Galaxy Fold to the Z line was first leaked in a report by SamMobile. It doesn’t come as a huge surprise that Samsung would want to shake up he Fold’s branding, especially considering the more positive reception its Galaxy Z Flip received upon launch. Samsung has since moved the first Fold into the Galaxy Z category on its website and even pasted ‘Galaxy Z’ in its URL in the US (via GSMArena), supporting the theory that Samsung’s future foldables will fall under the Z line.

The latest news has arrived in the form of press renders, giving us a good peak at what the successor to the Fold might look like. Read on for all the latest news, leaks and rumours about the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 release date

The phone is due to be released “soon”, a report from Sammobile suggested, but we have no concrete dates and at this stage information is thin on the ground. It could come alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series, which is all set to be released on August 5.

Korean publication ‘The Bell’ previously discovered that the new device was codenamed ‘Bloom’. They believe the original codename signals a ‘blooming’ of Samsung’s presence in the foldables market and initially suggested that the foldable could be released in April. Now, coronavirus and on-going limitations on the industry mean that the release will be much later.

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Galaxy Z Fold 2 design

We’re not expecting a huge departure from the design of the original Samsung Galaxy Fold. However, the phone is expected to have a larger ‘cover display’ to accompany its 7.7-inch main, foldable display. We know it will pack an AMOLED screen because this is the technology that enables such foldable designs in the first place.

One of the main criticisms of the original Galaxy Fold was how dated the outer ‘cover screen’ looked, largely thanks to its big bezels. Thankfully, this looks to be being addressed in the new phone.

Twitter tipster Ice Universe shared an image of what is supposedly the foldable earlier this month. The render suggests that the phone will have a much larger cover display and will lose the chunky bezels of its predecessor to instead present an edge-to-edge display. Recent reports have also suggested the inner foldable display could receive a boost from 7.3-inches to 8-inches, too.

The render also hint at a more pronounced camera module, supporting speculation the Fold 2 could be packed with the same camera setup as the Galaxy S20 Plus, including the flagship’s 64-megapixel telephoto lens.

Image: Mysmartprice

The most recent images show off the phone’s two rumoured colours: Mystic Bronze and Mystic Black (via Mysmartprice). The renders also present a few big design changes, including a move from the notch to a punch hole style front camera for both the inner and outer displays and further support for the rumour that Samsung is slimming down the bezels to allow for a larger outer display.

Image: Mysmartprice

The hinge has also reportedly received a better design and the triple camera of the rear is vertically aligned, resembling that rumoured for the Note 20.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 specs

As to quite how impressive the Galaxy Z Fold 2’s specs will be, we’re pretty much left in the dark at this stage. Samsung will be forced to make some tricky decisions, balancing customer priorities between the latest internal hardware and a lower price.

Of course, we expect the foldable to arrive packing a pretty impressive specs sheet and 5G capabilities too.

One leak (below) suggested the phone will release with two colour options, a lower price and 256GB of storage.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 price

The original Galaxy Fold came with a huge £1900 price tag. We’re expecting the Galaxy Z Fold 2 to be a little bit cheaper – if only because folding screen technology has had more of an airing in the market at this point. 

Hopefully the company will strike a healthy balance between tech upgrading and a more accessible price-point.

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