Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 announced as the Fold sequel

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 announced as the Fold sequel

The original Fold had its issues, but it’s fair to say it offered a glimpse of what a foldable phone could offer. And you know in tech nothing ever really gets good until the second-generation.

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is that second iteration and at first glance it does seem to correct a lot of the issues we had with the original model.

Samsung doesn’t seem to be announcing prices or release dates for the Z Fold 2 today, with more information coming in September. We’re also still waiting to hear more in-depth spec information, including cameras and chipsets. We’ll update this page when we know more.

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The outer display is no longer tiny

We saw it in the leaks and now it’s official: the Z Fold 2 has a far larger outer display. On the first Fold the outside display was a mere 4.6-inches and we often found it far too small to do anything productive. Yes, it was fine for answering calls and reading a message, but anything more was tricky.

Thankfully, for the Z Fold 2 we’ve got a far larger 6.2-inch outer screen with a much slimmer bezel running around it. While we haven’t held the device yet, it does seem like you’ll be opening the device a lot less if you’re doing something that doesn’t require a larger canvas.

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There’s much more screen inside

It’s not just the outer display that has seen some upgrades as Samsung has also fixed some of our qualms with the internal panel too. Gone is the strange cutout for the camera, replaced with a far smaller and less intrusive circular hole. It’s slightly bigger too, at 7.6-inches as opposed to 7.3. These displays also use the same UTG (ultra thing glass) as the Z Flip which should offer a more durable covering than than before.

Another similarity with the Z Flip is the ability to have the device sit up, almost like a mini laptop. Samsung said it has reworked the hinge for this.

It comes in a lovely Mystic Bronze hue

Samsung has a new flagship colour with most of its new products and that’s a sleek Mystic Bronze. This colour has elements of pink and gold and we found it very alluring when we played about with the Note 20 Ultra and Galaxy Watch Active 3. It’s not quite as a garish and lurid as other gold colours either, which is always a benefit.

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Samsung says it has worked on the engineered and partnered closer with Google and Microsoft

There’s no denying the Fold had some initial issues. It was delayed, had problems with the display and just often didn’t feel like a device that cost nearly £2000. For the Z Fold 2, Samsung has said it has refined the engineering and hopefully this means it’s more of a durable device.

To push the utility of a foldable phone further, Samsung has said it is “building on our longstanding partnerships with Google and Microsoft to design an unrivalled foldable experience.”

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