Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: Everything you need to know about the ANC earbuds

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: Everything you need to know about the ANC earbuds

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Samsung’s Unpacked event kicks off on August 5th, and the expectation is the Galaxy Buds Live will be announced at the event alongside a number of Galaxy Note smartphones,

We know this as Samsung quite literally spilled the beans about its new true wireless ahead of time. We even found out that they were actually called Galaxy Beans at one point. Yes, Beans.

Thanks to Samsung pushing an update to the Galaxy Buds app, we know now that the Buds Live will feature Active noise cancellation (ANC), that they’re shaped like a kidney bean, and will feature touch controls and a number of EQ settings to adjust the sound quality.

The Buds Live look to replace the Buds Plus earbuds from earlier this year. Judging from various rumours, they’ll be priced around the same which suggests the Buds Plus could be dropped in price to accommodate the Buds Live.

As we get close to the event, here’s all the news, leaks and rumours about the jelly bean-shaped Galaxy Buds Live earbuds.

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Galaxy Buds Live – Release date

The Buds Live are due to be unveiled alongside several other Galaxy products, like the Note 20, Watch Active 3 and Galaxy Tab S7, at the Unpacked Event on August 5th at 3pm.

If it follows previous Samsung events, the assumption is that the Galaxy Buds Live will go on sale shortly after the announcement, both as a standalone product and bundled in with new Galaxy smartphones.

You can watch the live stream of the Galaxy Unpacked event over yonder, on August 5th.

Galaxy Buds Live – Price

According to SamMobile, Samsung intends its bean-shaped headphone to be at the more affordable end with a price of less than $150.

That’d be pretty cheap for a noise-cancelling pair of wireless earbuds, with only the Urbanista London cheaper.

Tipster Roland Quandt has had a guess, suggesting it’ll cost $169. That sounds more likely. We can’t imagine Samsung would undercut the price of the Buds Plus, unless it’s looking to reduce the price and create a tiered option for its true wireless offering.

Galaxy Buds Live – Design and features

Samsung has gone in a different direction with the latest Galaxy Buds Live, mainly because they look like a bean.

Yes, an actual kidney bean.

They’ve not gone for a tradition design, whether that’s the stem and ear-tip or a more bulky, protruding looking. Instead it looks like a more ergonomic, jelly-bean design. According to reports online, they’ll sit inside the ear lobe and won’t stick out from the ear.

It’s certainly an attention-grabbing design, but it’s one that leaves us in two minds about this. The lack of ear-tips is probably not great for noise isolation or for firing sound into the ear, but the shaped could create a good fit and thus a good seal. Combine this with however the noise cancelling tech will work, and there’s a recipe for some (hopefully) solid noise suppression. How they’ll fit for different sizes of ears is still a bit of mystery but, as always, we’ll have to wait and see.

They appear to be three colours available with black, white and a mystic bronze finish. The charging case also looks very petite.

On the features front the app leak confirmed active noise cancelling, which would put these earbuds alongside the likes of Apple, Sennheiser and Sony. If the rumours about the price are true, it’ll be one of the cheaper ANC pairs on the market too.

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The Galaxy Buds Live will support touch gestures. A tap will play/pause, while touch and hold on either earbud can be configured for a specific setting. For example, a touch and hold could be used to activate noise cancelling. The app revealed a number of options in EQ settings and they include Normal: Bass Boost, Soft, Dynamic, Clear, and Treble Boost. There’s also a Find My Earbuds feature that presents a series of bleeps to help the user locate the Buds Live.

We’re still waiting details on battery life, IP resistance and, of course, price. We’ll be finding out more on August 5th, 3pm when Samsung’s Unpacked event will, we hope, reveal plenty more details about the wireless earbuds.

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