Revolutionary French Cooking by Harry Hill

Revolutionary French Cooking

This book is a must for all who want to learn the art of great cooking’ – James Martin
‘French food has undergone a transformation – in this book Daniel shows you how to master contemporary French recipes in your own home’ – Heston Blumenthal
In Revolutionary French Cooking much loved-chef Daniel Galmiche applies his approachable, easy-to-follow style to the new wave of modern French cuisine. Staying close to the French maxim of starting with quality ingredients and cooking them brilliantly, Daniel shows you how to rejuvenate and energize classic French style with unusual marriages of ingredients and flavours and unexpected twists.

The result is over 100 exciting recipes for starters, mains, sides and desserts that are bursting with vibrant tastes, textures and aromas. These recipes are all simple to prepare at home, and throughout the book there are instructive features on the techniques used, such as water baths, which you’ll quickly master.

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