Resident Evil 8 Village: Everything we know about the next-gen horror title

Resident Evil 8 Village: Everything we know about the next-gen horror title

Resident Evil 8

Resident Evil has been experiencing a renaissance of sorts in recent years, with the 7th installment kickstarting a selection of excellent titles which culminated in the decent yet sadly underwhelming Nemesis remake. Despite tripping over a hurdle, Capcom’s flagship franchise is still capable of true horror brilliance. 

We expect this streak to continue with Resident Evil 8: Village, which is set to continue the events of Resi 7 with familiar characters, evildoers and other elements – and that includes the critically acclaimed first-person perspective. Shown a handful of times since its reveal, Village is aiming to be bigger, broader and more experimental than anything the series has ever done before, which will seemingly include both werewolves and evil witches. 

Set to arrive in 2021, Trusted Reviews has compiled everything you need to know about Resident Evil 8: Village including all the latest news, release date, trailers and more.

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Resident Evil 8

Resident Evil 8 release date – when is it coming out?

Capcom has announced that Resident Evil Village will be launching for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC in 2021, although a specific date has yet to surface. 

In what is somewhat of a surprise, this new installment won’t be coming to the previous generation of consoles at all, unless Capcom is keeping that information a secret until closer to the actual release

Resident Evil 8 story – When does it take place?

Village takes place a few years after the events of Resident Evil 7 and will once again star Ethan Winters as the main protagonist. Having met him at the conclusion of the last game, Chris Redfield enters Ethan’s life once again and sets in motion a sequence of events that will change both of their lives together. Ethan and Mia Winters took shelter in the mountains to escape traumatic experiences, but it seems such peace is impossible. 

Whatever Chris does, which can be glimpsed in the trailer, it leads our hero to a mysterious village in the cold mountains of Europe as he seeks answers, and potentially, retribution from the iconic Resident Evil character. It’s a fascinating premise, and teases an aura of mystery we absolutely adore in survival horror. It also seems far more ambitious than past entries, which normally follow a fairly safe horror formula. 

Resident Evil 8 trailer – How does it look?

You can watch the latest duo of trailers for Resident Evil Village below: 


Resident Evil 8 gameplay – How will it play?

Just like its predecessor, Resident Evil Village will be played entirely from the first-person perspective, making it harder to escape the horror whether its in front, behind or all around you. This worked tremendously well before, with moment-to-moment gameplay echoing classic films such as The Blair Witch Project and Cannibal Holocaust. 

Despite this change in perspective, Resident Evil 7 still felt like classic games in the franchise. The Baker Estate felt just like The Spencer Mansion, filled with winding corridors and unusual hidden areas ripe with puzzles to solve and enemies to flee from. Capcom has said that Village will be more open than ever before, likely to take advantage of the mountainous setting. 

As for the threats we’ll be dealing with, they thankfully won’t be limited to goofy tar monsters and The Baker Family, even if the family themselves were absolutely terrifying much of the time. Trailers have currently teased werewolves and a strange family, which gives us serious occult/evil witch vibes. We’d also love to see traditional zombies make a return, since we’ve not really seen Resi tackle them from a first-person perspective before. 


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