Psychomed Audio-Medicine Tutorials For A Better You

psychomed audio medicine

Psychomed Audio-Medicine is an audiotherapy tool in stereo recordings with therapeutic properties which uses several psycho-acoustic techniques for stress-related illnesses. It always uses several voices, sound and visual stimuli, sound effects and music. It is usually sold on either a CD or an audio DVD. The message texts have been designed by doctors and specialists in psychosomatics.

Psychomed Digestion of the Traumas
Psychomed Fall Asleep in the Garden of Gods
Psychomed Free Ones Mind
Psychomed Joy of Life
Psychomed Letting Go
Psychomed Pain Management
Psychomed Stress Management
Psychomed Zen Attitude

How do audiotherapy tools work?
The seat of the emotions in the brain is linked via the nervous system to all parts of the body. As soon as the human body is subjected to any type of stress, and more specifically to emotional stress, the whole nervous system is affected, which has an immediate impact on all the body’s organs. If the stress continues over a long period of time, these organs can start behaving abnormally (abnormal increase in gastric secretions, heart rhythm problems, spastic colon, hormonal problems, sexual problems, breathing difficulties, tension headaches, difficulties in getting to sleep and, in general, a pre-depressive condition). By using an audiotherapy tool regularly at home, you will maximize the possibilities of getting over stress-related problems. However, before you use these tools, you must consult your general practitioner, so that you will be using the audiotherapy tool in the context of an overall medical treatment, and never on its own. In this way, you will avoid the errors and excesses which are the inherent risks of self-medication.

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