Pokemon Presents: How to watch today’s big news and announcements

Pokemon Presents: How to watch today’s big news and announcements


The Pokemon Company is set to announce something major in the coming hours in its “Pokemon Presents” stream, although we sadly have little information to go on at the moment. 

However, with the recent launch of Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Isle of Armor expansion, the company could be waiting to unleash a new game on us for the Nintendo Switch, mobile or beyond. There’s plenty of exciting possibilities, so we’ve compiled everything you need to know about today’s Pokemon Presents. 

How to watch Pokemon Presents – when and where will it take place?

Pokemon Presents will begin on Wednesday, June 17 at 6am PT/2pm BST/3pm CET and will be broadcast on Pokemon’s official YouTube channel. The fact Nintendo hasn’t made a song and dance about this presentation means it might not be a Nintendo Switch title, although we shouldn’t rule out that possibility, either. 

We’ve left a link to the stream below so you can watch it without leaving this page, and we imagine the entire broadcast will be available on-demand immediately after it concludes: 

Speculation across social media hints at this announcement being a bespoke spin-off, or perhaps another entry in the Pokemon: Let’s Go series. We’d love a revival of Pokemon Gold and Silver with reimagined visuals, returning creatures and characters all just waiting to overwhelm us with nostalgia.

It’s likely too early to hear about the next core entry, especially with Sword and Shield only just dropping its first expansion. Here’s what we thought of the base game in our 4/5 review: “This is an excellent entry in Game Freak’s iconic franchise, pushing the series forward in some exciting ways while never forgetting the roots that made it so loved in the first place.”

We’ll be reporting on all the latest Pokemon Presents news as it emerges, so keep an eye on Trusted Reviews for all your important gaming updates.

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