PhotoReading Deluxe Video Tutorial + Audio Books + eBooks

PhotoReading – Triple Your Reading Speed. Learn to Read More Intelligently and Efficiently. The Power of Nonlinear Reading.


PhotoReading is a unique way to process and understand large volumes of information quickly and efficiently without speed reading -wins praise from people wanting to get on top of information. Read more details on next page.

The Deluxe Course includes everything in the Classic Course plus the 3-DVD PhotoReading Results Supercharger pack. The 3-DVD pack includes 3 one-hour video tutorials and 11 special features to help you soar to higher levels of reading and learning performance.

Welcome to PhotoReading where Speed, Comprehension and Enjoyment are just the beginning…

– “Thinking at 25,000 words per minute” wrote City Business
– “Evelyn Wood wouldn’t do it this way” wrote Boston Globe
– “A breakthrough method using your subconscious” wrote Success Mag.
– “A shovel for the mountain of paper” wrote The Business Journal
– “Right-brain reading lifts info overload” wrote Calgary Herald

If you want to:
• read more easily with better understanding
• improve your memory and sharpen concentration
• increase your productivity
• Invent whole new perspectives and approaches in l
• propel yourself to new levels of personal performance
• enhance your intuition and develop your true poten
• create more time in your day
• catapult yourself into a bright future
• Get through information at least three times faster!

Immediate Results you can expect:
• Process and understand any book at least three times faster than you can now
• Do the same with magazine and journal articles.
• Handle incoming mail swiftly and promptly.
• Make informed decisions with every piece of printed material.
• Be more relaxed and confident when reading.
• More pleasure from pleasure reading

Contents at a Glance: Videos

01 -DVD1 Inside Secrets:
01 – Bonus1 Emotional Stress Release
02 – Bonus2 Brain Gym
03 – Bonus3 Photoreading Challenge
04 – Bonus4 E – Os
05 – Main
02 – DVD2 Mastering the Basics
01 – Bonus1 Photoread a Book
02 – Bonus2 Mind Mapping
03 – Bonus3 5 Days Challenge
04 – Bonus4 Photoreading and Students
05 – Bonus5 7 Energy Taps
06 – Main
03 – DVD3 Power Photoreading
01 – Bonus1 Wind Tunnel
02 – Bonus2 Syntopic Reading Successes
03 – Bouns3 Emotional Stress Release
04 – Bonus4 Power Day Outline Excercise
05 – Main

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