OnePlus 9 codename leaks – what do we expect?

OnePlus 9 codename leaks – what do we expect?

OnePlus 8T Design

The OnePlus 8T might only have just been revealed, but we’ve already seen some details about what’s next for the OnePlus brand.

According to a tipster over on Twitter (via PhoneArena), the next OnePlus phones will have the codename ‘Lemonade’. Tasty.

The tease also shows the outline of the device which looks suspiciously like it has a flat display, something missing on the OnePlus 8 Pro but found on the OnePlus 8T.

OnePlus tends to release two sets of phones a year. It will kick things off with its flagship in April/May and then follow that up with a ‘T’ version later in the year. 2020 has been slightly different, as we got the OnePlus 8/8 Pro first, then the cheaper OnePlus Nord and more recently the OnePlus 8T.

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Aside from the codename, little else is known about the OnePlus 9 at this stage – but what could we expect from the upcoming phones?

Well, the use of the next Snapdragon flagship chipset seems like a given as OnePlus loves to use the fastest chipsets going. This is expected to be the Snapdragon 875, which is set to be revealed at a Qualcomm virtual event early in December. We’d also expect OnePlus to go all out on the display, with a 120Hz refresh rate likely the minimum. It could even go one further and match the Xiaomi Mi 10T with its 144Hz display.

We’d like to see a flat display on all models, rather than the curved panel on the 8 Pro, and a wider selection of more subtle colours. The inclusion of the fantastic 65w charging from the OnePlus 8T seems a given, as that can charge a 4500mAh batter from 0-100% in around 40 minutes.

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However, our biggest request would be big changes to the camera. We’d happily ditch the macro and monochrome sensors if it meant there was more focus on the main camera.

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