One Small Step Can Change Your Life Audiobook and eBook

one small step

We’ve been programmed to believe that change is a “battle” – something hard fought and hard won, something that demands struggle and sacrifice. But as anyone who uses the technique known as kaizen can tell you, nothing could be further from the truth. With kaizen, change is effortless, simple, and inevitable. In One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way to Success, author, psychologist, and world-renowned kaizen expert Dr. Robert Maurer introduces you to this simple yet extremely powerful transformation technique and gives you a step-by-step system for using it to achieve big and small changes in your life, with a speed and ease that will astonish you. In this exciting mix of studio and live recordings.

Dr. Maurer will teach you how to:

CONQUER PROCRASTINATION – even if it’s a challenge you’ve struggled to overcome your entire life.

ELIMINATE DEBT – even if you’ve racked up huge credit card bills and can’t see a time when you’ll ever be able to pay them off.

CREATE A MORE BALANCED LIFE – even if you can’t see any way to redistribute your time and energy.

WEIGHT LOSS – even if you hate dieting and have never been able to stick to a weight loss program for very long.

BUILD WEALTH – even if you’ve found it impossi- ble to save money or create wealth up until now.

END BAD HABITS – like smoking or overeating, even if you’ve tried over and over again without success.

START DOING WHAT YOU LOVE – even if you don’t know what it is or can’t imagine how it could ever become your main job.

Rooted in ancient Asian philosophical systems and utilized today by major corporations, inventors, athletes, governments, social and business leaders, and highly successful people from all walks of life, kaizen is an amazing practice that yields extraordinary results with virtually no effort at all! One Small Step Can Change Your Life will put the power of this potent force into your hands.

Course Sessions
Session 1 – The Power of Kaizen
Session 2 – Applying Kaizen to Your Life
Session 3 – Mastering the Art of Kaizen
Session 4 – Passion!
Session 5 – The Power of Small Thoughts, Small Actions
Session 6 – The Human Need for Attention
Session 7 – The 4 Skills of All Successful People: Overcoming Fear and Stress
Session 8 – The 4 Skills of All Successful People: Embracing Kaizen for Life

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