Nvidia GeForce event confirmed, with Ampere tipped to star

Nvidia GeForce event confirmed, with Ampere tipped to star

Nvidia has announced that it will broadcast a ‘GeForce Special Event’ on 1 September, which looks to be the official showcase for the next-gen Ampere graphics cards.

While Nvidia did not specifically mention ‘Ampere’ in its newsroom announcement, it did confirm that founder and CEO, Jensen Huang, will “highlight the company’s latest innovations in gaming and graphics.” With Ampere heavily tipped to launch in early September, it looks guaranteed that this ‘Special Event’ will focus on the upcoming Ampere graphics cards.

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The video event will be hosted on Nvidia’s official website, kicking off on 1 September at 5pm in the UK (9m Pacific time). There’s no mention of how long the showcase will last, but we expect it will be at least an hour long.

This announcement follows a series of Ampere-related teases from the Nvidia GeForce Twitter account, which began a countdown to an unspecified event. It’s now clear that this countdown is leading up to the official ‘GeForce Special Event’, with Nvidia driving up the hype for its next generation of GPUs.

Nvidia is yet to offer any details or specs for the Ampere graphics cards, but they’re expected to use Samsung’s 8nm node while also seeing improved performance efficiency that will likely leapfrog over the RTX 2080 Ti’s muscle.

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It’s also widely expected that Nvidia will double down on ray tracing, continuing on the advancements saw with the recent RTX graphics cards. The fancy light-rendering technology has seen growing game support in the past couple of years, which is only set to increase further with the upcoming AMD Big Navi, PS5 and Xbox Series X set to offer hardware-accelerated compatibility.

It’s also been rumoured (by Chinese publication IThome) that the first Nvidia Ampere graphics cards will be available to buy from 17 September, which is just 16 days after the initial launch event. Take this with a pinch of salt though, as the source admitted this is not guaranteed to be accurate, with dates being subject to change.

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