Next Vivaldi release to feature customizable context menus

Next Vivaldi release to feature customizable context menus

Vivaldi released a new snapshot of the upcoming Vivaldi 3.4 today to the public. It is a development version, and this particular version expands the browser’s customizing capabilities further.


Vivaldi Technologies introduced menu editing options in Vivaldi 3.1, released earlier this year. The editing was limited to the main menu of the browser that is displayed when users activate the Vivaldi menu button in the interface.


Users can use it to add and remove menu items from that menu; if you never use commands such as Open File, Fullscreen, or Help, you can remove these to streamline the menu. Similarly, it is possible to add new commands to the menu that you would like to use and get better access to.


The new snapshot of the upcoming Vivaldi 3.4 introduces support for editing context menu items. These menus are displayed by the browser when you right-click on elements in the browser’s user interface. Context menus differ depending on the element the right-click is performed on, e.g. you get a different menu when you right-click on a tab or a tab stack.


You find the new editing options under Vivaldi Menu > Tools > Settings > Appearance. Scroll down on the page that opens until the Menu Customization entry is displayed.


vivaldi edit context menus


There you select the menu that you want to customize, e.g. Vivaldi Button Menu, Bookmark Bar Context Menu, or Tab Context Menu; this displays the menu items that are displayed currently, and options to remove them, add new ones if available, or rearrange the order of the menu.


All that is done via drag & drop, and thus very comfortable. To rearrange an item, drag & drop it to its new location. Right-click on an item to delete it or to rename it.  You can use the “restore default menu” button to reset the menu if you want to start fresh.


The following menus can be edited in Vivaldi 3.4:

  • Vivaldi Button Menu
  • Horizontal Menu
  • Bookmark Bar Context Menu
  • Bookmark Bar Item Context Menu
  • Panel Bar Context Menu
  • Panel Bar Item Context Menu
  • Tab Bar Context Menu
  • Tab Bar Item Context Menu
  • Tab Stack Thumbnails Context Menu
  • Tab Trash Can Context Menu.

The ability to edit right-click web element context menus is missing, but it seems likely that Vivaldi Technologies will add that option in a future version of the browser as well.


Classic Firefox used to support extensions that allowed Firefox users to edit context menus as well, but the functionality is no longer supported by the APIs that Firefox supports today.


You can download the latest snapshot from the Vivaldi site.



Next Vivaldi release to feature customizable context menus



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