New Geforce Now update will let you play Cyberpunk (and more) on a Chromebook

New Geforce Now update will let you play Cyberpunk (and more) on a Chromebook

Nvidia’s GeForce Now cloud-streaming service is officially coming to Chromebooks, allowing subscribers to play AAA games on the budget-friendly laptops, provided they’re connected to a speedy internet connection. 

Nvidia’s GeForce Now service was previously only playable on Android, Windows, macOS and Shield TV. From today, the beta launch will enable Chromebook users to join in on the action. 

Unlike the other platforms, ChromeOS will not not feature a dedicated GeForce Now app, but will allow users to log in via the “” web address instead. Nvidia clarified this web address will only be accessible via a Chromebook, dashing hopes of using it with an iPhone.  

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Nvidia also confirmed game controllers, mice and keyboards will all work with the ChromeOS platform, as long as they can be connected to the Chromebook itself. With the new Chromebook launch labelled as a ‘beta’ it’s unclear whether any main GeForce Now features will be unable on ChromeOS at launch, but that doesn’t initially look to be the case. 

You’ll of course need a Nvidia GeForce Now subscription in order to use the service, with the plan supporting Chromebook use at no additional cost. GeForce Now is currently free to use, although paying £4.99 a month will allow you to skip server queues, see extended sessions lengths and benefit from fancy features such as ray tracing. 

For those unfamiliar with GeForce Now, Nvidia’s cloud-streaming service doesn’t have a dedicated digital storefront like Google Stadia. Instead, the service pulls compatible PC games from your Steam, Epic Games Store and Uplay libraries, allowing you to play your previously purchased copy of, say The Witcher 3, via Nvidia’s servers. 

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GeForce Now has encountered a number of licensing issues since launch, with publishers such as Warner Bros, Codemasters and Xbox Game Studios pulling support. Fortunately, there are still a number of big game franchises on the service such as Assassin’s Creed, Hitman and Tomb Raider, while Nvidia has committed to adding new titles every Thursday. 

Hopefully game support improves in the future, but this still remains one of the most cost-effective methods of gaming, especially now with Chromebook support. 

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