Neat Download Manager — Neat means Simple and Clever

Neat Download Manager — Neat means Simple and Clever










Neat Download Manager is a free Internet Download Manager for
Windows (Windows 7 or higher) and macOS (OS X 10.10 or higher)


Windows setup File 850 KB ! (ver 1.2)
macOS dmg File 850 KB ! (ver 1.2)



Neat Download Manager is a simple and lightweight GUI wrapped around a powerful and optimized Download-Engine.
It was designed to be simple, easy to use and respectful to hardware resources (CPU, Ram, Power , …).

Both Windows and Mac versions share the same Download-Engine written in C++ that handles all details about Downloads: Protocols implementation, Connections and BandWidth Control,Dynamic Segmentation, Merging Segments and …

Browser Extensions could be added to Chrome, Firefox and Opera.
It integrates NeatDownloadManager with browser and can catch download links and detect all Video/Audio links on websites.
From this point of view the project could be considered as a Video-Downloader extension that also has a companion helper application for Mac and Windows.

Many features have been planned for Full Version.

This is the first release of a relatively large and complex project, so despite all efforts some bugs are unavoidable.
Feel free to tell me your idea (suggestion, question , bug report, …) via .



  • Speeds up your Downloads up to your total available BandWidth.
  • Uses an optimized Dynamic Segmentation Algorithm.
  • Organizes your Downloads based on Download Status (Complete, Incomplete) And File Type (Video, Document , …)
  • Supports HTTP, HTTPS and FTP Protocols.
  • Supports HTTP Proxy and SOCKS Protocol.
  • Supports HTTP Authentication and Proxy Authentication (Basic, Digest, NTLM)
  • Has Pause/Resume Capabilities and can resume crashed Downloads.
  • Has Browser Extension that can send Download Links to it and helps you download Video/Audio from any WebSite.
  • Lets you set BandWidth Limit on your Downloads even when Download is in progress.
  • Lets you set maximum Connection Number on your Downloads even when Download is in progress.
  • Can download all .ts files of an HLS video and at the end merge all segments into a single .ts file.
  • Can Renew expired Downloads.
  • Works with Drag and Drop ( just for Mac )

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