Microsoft is making harder to ditch the Edge browser

Microsoft is making harder to ditch the Edge browser

Microsoft really wants you to love Edge. It rebuilt the web browser on the same platform as Google Chrome, giving you access to all the best extensions. What more do you want? And here you are trying to delete it, you ungrateful so-and-so.

Well, Microsoft appears to be a little perturbed you’d want to uninstall its revamped web browser and is putting the kibosh on those attempting to do so. Joking aside, Microsoft is making it a little more difficult to remove the browser from a Windows 10 PC.

In a support document, the company revealed Microsoft Edge is now delivered by Windows Update, meaning you’re stick with it unless you wish to play around in the Command line. Doing so is only really intended for experienced tinkerers, not everyday PC users.

In a recently updated support document, Microsoft said: “We want to ensure all Windows customers have the latest Microsoft Edge browser for the performance, privacy, security, productivity, and support features it offers.

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“The new version of Microsoft Edge gives users full control over importing personal data from the legacy version of Microsoft Edge. The new version of Microsoft Edge is included in a Windows system update, so the option to uninstall it or use the legacy version of Microsoft Edge will no longer be available.”

The workaround isn’t something you should attempt without at first backing up all of your data. Or, you could avoid playing around with Command prompts and just tolerate having the new Microsoft Edge app on your Windows 10 PC. Try it, you might even like it.

In essence, this isn’t really a big issue. Microsoft has always shipped its operating system with a web browser. Apple and Google do likewise. This is hardly of the magnitude that caused the US government to wage an antitrust war on Microsoft for forcing Internet Explorer on everyone.

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