Microsoft Edge gets dedicated option to launch site in Internet Explorer Mode

Microsoft Edge gets dedicated option to launch site in Internet Explorer Mode

Even though Microsoft is pushing its new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge web browser on Windows 10 and other versions of Windows, it is still maintaining classic Edge and the even older Internet Explorer browser.


Main reason for keeping Internet Explorer alive is compatibility, especially in the corporate world.


Edge is without doubt the better choice in most scenarios, but some sites may refuse to load in the new browser; this can be caused by sites using Internet Explorer specific technologies that Microsoft Edge simply does not support.


While it is possible to load these pages and sites in Internet Explorer directly on Windows devices, using Internet Explorer Mode may also be an option as it is more convenient.


The feature displays pages in Microsoft Edge using the Internet Explorer rendering engine.


Microsoft added a new dedicated option to the latest version of Microsoft Edge Canary for Windows to load any site in Internet Explorer Mode in the browser.


Canary is the cutting edge development version of Microsoft Edge. Features land in the version first, and most of them will come to stable versions of the web browser eventually, but some may also be removed from the browser before they have a chance to reach a wider audience.


edge enable Internet Explorer mode


Here is what you need to do to enable the option in Microsoft Edge:

  1. Load edge://settings/defaultBrowser in the web browser’s address bar.
  2. Enable “Allow sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer mode” by toggling the switch.
  3. Restart Microsoft Edge.

The help text provides the following information:

Allow sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer mode


If this option is on, you can open sites that require Internet Explorer in Microsoft Edge using Internet Explorer mode. To reload the page in Internet Explorer mode, select Settings and more > More tools > Reload in Internet Explorer mode. If this option is off, it won’t appear under More tools.

You may load the site loaded in the active tab of the Microsoft Edge web browser in Internet Explorer mode by selecting Menu > More Tools > Reload in Internet Explorer mode.


edge reload internet explorer


Two things may happen at this stage depending on whether Internet Explorer mode has been used before in Microsoft Edge. If that is not the case, Edge will open the site in a dedicated Internet Explorer window and prompt the user to enable the functionality in Edge by clicking on a button and accepting an UAC prompt.


If Internet Explore mode was used before in Edge, the site will be reloaded using the Internet Explorer rendering engine inside the Microsoft Edge window.


edge internet explorer mode


Edge displays the information in a horizontal stripe underneath the address bar when Internet Explorer mode is used. The stripe includes an option to leave the mode.

Closing Words

Internet Explorer mode or Internet Explorer is not really something that the majority of Home users need anymore as it is unlikely that they will access websites that use IE-only technologies. The same cannot be said for corporate users, as plenty of IE-only Intranet applications and pages are still used actively.



Microsoft Edge gets dedicated option to launch site in Internet Explorer Mode



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