Building an e-Commerce Web Site Using Dreamweaver with PHP Interactive with Video Tutorial with Exericise Files

lynda building an evommerce website

In this course, author Lawrence Cramer offers two approaches to implementing ecommerce functionality in Dreamweaver: introducing basic ecommerce functions to an existing site and creating a stand-alone ecommerce solution with PHP and MySQL. The course explores choosing a payment vendor, creating a simple buy button, configuring a store with the Cartweaver extension, adding products and discounts, and managing inventory. The course also provides guidance on securing an ecommerce site, preparing for the site’s launch, and effectively promoting a store. Exercise files accompany the course.

* Setting up a PayPal seller’s account
* Setting up a local development environment: best practices
* Adding a store to an existing design
* Configuring site setup, shipping, and tax
* Managing orders and customers
* Exploring PCI compliance
* Selecting a host and setting up the database
* Purchasing and installing SSL
* Testing the site and troubleshooting problems
* Analyzing site traffic with Google Analytics
* Linking to social networks

Exercise files are copies of the identical files (documents, photos and so on) the author uses throughout this course. The files will help you make the most of your learning experience by providing you the opportunity to open them in your own software and follow along with tutorials.

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