Khazana An Indo-Persian cookbook with recipes inspired by the Mughals


Delving into this book feels like taking a leap back into an exotic, saffron-scented past – with her beautiful writing and delicious recipes, Saliha takes you on a culinary journey of discovery.’
– Thomasina Miers

Saliha, who won over the MasterChef judges with her fusion of Indo-Persian food, has written a book that will delight. Drawing on the rich culinary heritage of the region and her own travels in modern-day India and Pakistan, the recipes are bang up-to-date and will inspire 21st century food lovers.

Steeped in Persian flavours, Khazana, which means treasure trove, is a cookbook that promises to become a much-loved classic, introducing recipes like Smoked Chicken & Basil Kebabs with Beetroot Basil Salad & Beetroot Buttermilk Raita, Mughul Baked Cod Korma and Crème Fraîche & Rose Ice Cream with Honey-glazed Figs.

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