Kelby Training Photographing With One Light by Joe McNally Video Tutorial

kelby photographing with one light

Ever been told to work lighter, faster, better and with less gear? Well Joe McNally’s latest class dives right in and shows you what’s possible with just one single light. You’ll learn how to take studio-quality lighting on location. When you’re done, you’ll be able to take one light and make it look like you had so much more at your disposal.

Over 2 Hours of Tutorials for Mac and Windows. List of Lessons on next page.

Joe McNally is known worldwide for his ability to produce technically and logistically complex assignments with expert use of color and light. He conducts numerous workshops around the world as part of his teaching activities, and is the recipient of numerous awards, including the prestigious Alfred Eisenstadt Award for outstanding magazine photography, as well as Pictures of the Year International, and World Press Photo Foundation Award.

Lesson 01 What Can You Do With One Light? (6:20)
Lesson 02 Going Through the Equipment (7:54)
Lesson 03 Getting Started on the Set (6:05)
Lesson 04 Adjusting Off That First Shot (7:25)
Lesson 05 Rolling with the First Setup (3:16)
Lesson 06 Keep Things Moving (10:35)
Lesson 07 Changing Lenses (5:25)
Lesson 08 Getting the Most Out of One Flash (6:33)
Lesson 09 Back to Basics (10:28)
Lesson 10 On Location (5:15)
Lesson 11 Close Up Portrait (7:03)
Lesson 12 Directional Light (8:52)
Lesson 13 Late Daylight Effect (6:09)
Lesson 14 Woodland Location with Bad Weather (6:02)
Lesson 15 Making the Best of the Situation (3:35)
Lesson 16 Making Sunlight (6:40)
Lesson 17 Creating Big Light (3:27)
Lesson 18 Race Against the Failing Light (4:52)

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