KDE Plasma 5.20 Released With Better Wayland Support, Many New Features

KDE’s Plasma 5.20 is now available as a seriously great update to this open-source desktop environment.



KDE Plasma 5.20 has a crazy amount of polishing and refinements as well as some larger features. Some of the KDE Plasma 5.20 highlights include:

– Numerous fixes to the KWin window manager / compositor including a number of Wayland fixes. Among the Wayland work in Plasma 5.20 includes Klipper support and middle-click paste, mouse and touchpad support nearly on par to X11, window thumbnails in the task manager, crash fixes, and more.

– Improved notifications.

– Different redesigns and additions to the KDE System Settings from SMART monitoring to better looking interfaces.

– Redesigned on-screen displays.

– Various tack manager and system tray improvements.

This video does a great job highlighting Plasma 5.20:



Learn more about the big Plasma 5.20 release at KDE.org.



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