Jordan Belfort Straight Line Persuasion System Video and Audio Tutorial

jordan belfort straight line persuation

Persuasion is the magic bullet to creating massive success, wealth, and fulfillment. There is no more important a skill both in business and in your personal life. This cornerstone, proprietary step-by-step training system was recorded live at a private event and has been put together in bite-sized chunks-with Jordan walking you through each piece-so you can immediately apply what you’re learning and put it to use.

– The FOUR core elements of the inner game of sales.
– How to gather intelligence and develop instant rapport.
– The art of quick qualifying and pinpoint prospecting.
– The little-known key to creating high quality and ethical presentations.
– How to instantly squash limiting buying beliefs and turn skeptics into buyers.
– The Magic Bullet to closing calmly and consistently every single time.
– How to use “looping” to turn my prospect’s objections into successful closes.
– How to create never-ending referral streams and keep my customers for life.

This system was born, battle-tested and perfected on Wall Street. This is the playbook used to teach clueless kids off the street my personal brand of persuasion. This is my proven system for getting the other person to say yes – and feel great about their decision!

With this easy-to-follow system, you can:
Negotiate the best deals possible. and have the other guy THANKING you once the deal is done.
Boost your business by winning more customers and getting your current customers to say yes more often.
Rack up minor victories throughout the day: Talk your way out of a speeding ticket, get your kids to happily eat their vegetables, score a date with that girl who shoots everybody else down.and more.

Best of all, this course is designed for SPEED.
I cant promise to make you a master of persuasion in just 30 days. However because persuasion is such a rare skill set, improving your skills by just a small amount will pay MASSIVE dividends.

When it comes to the science of persuasion, most people are blind, deaf and dumb! So just by implementing a few simple rules into your everyday life, you will immediately harness an unfair advantage over everyone else around you.

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