Is Microsoft Surface Duo coming to the UK?

Is Microsoft Surface Duo coming to the UK?

Microsoft has finally confirmed the price and release date for the upcoming Surface Duo. The launch schedule for the dual-screen smartphone has been up in the air since its larger sibling, the Surface Neo, was delayed.

We now know when Microsoft’s first Surface phone will be available to the public. Surface Duo ditches the folding screen of (sorta) similar folding screen competitors like the Galaxy Z Fold 2, opting instead for two separate displays and a hinge to combine the two.

But you likely already know the basic details of the exciting new form-factor. Let’s press on with whether the device will be making its way to the UK smartphone market.

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Is Microsoft Surface Duo coming to the UK?

It seems like the Surface Duo won’t be heading to the UK just yet, as a Microsoft representative told Trusted Reviews, “Initially, Surface Duo will be available in the US.”

The rep confirmed Microsoft doesn’t have any review samples available to UK media outlets. This would indicate an eventual release date for the UK could be some way off, however, it also suggests the dual-screen device will make it across the Atlantic eventually.

So far, the Surface Duo will only be released in the US on 10 September. The pricing of the device comes in at $1399 and a direct conversion would see it priced at around £1074. However, this is rarely the case these days, with the pricing usually much closer.

So, what will you get for your £1000-plus once the Surface Duo does make it to UK shores? Along with the dual-display design, the Duo features a Snapdragon 855 chipset, 6GB RAM, 256GB storage and a 3460mAh battery.

The specs are a tad outdated, with the Duo also lacking NFC and 5G. It looks as if Microsoft is focusing on getting the hardware design right first, but maybe we’ll see more modern internals come the Surface Duo 2. 

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