How To Grow Marijuana – The Complete Beginners Guide from A to Z to Cultivate Top Quality Weed Indoors or Outdoors

How To Grow Marijuana

Are you looking for a cheap guide to learn how to grow weed at your place?
Would you like to get the best results from your plants, but you don’t know where to start?
Good! Then keep on reading…

Nowadays, growing your own cannabis supply is legal in most of the world!

Why do many people believe it is complicated to grow marijuana on their own and prefer to buy it?

Because they don’t have access to the right information and think they need sophisticated tools and large spaces for cultivation.

Actually the things you need are simpler than you think !

– Location: you don’t necessarily need land because you can grow your plants using pots

– Light: whether you choose to use sunlight or artificial light, it is important to know the light your plants need, to get the best quality of buds and yield

– Water: as with all living creatures and plants, cannabis cannot survive without water. With the right amount and quality of water, you will give your plant everything it needs

– Air: a well-ventilated space is required; this allows a good exchange of air and a light breeze

– Nutrients: you can easily create a soil with all the necessary nutrients or you can buy ready-to-use soils from stores

– Temperature: temperature is one of the main factors that affects the growth of your plants; if exposed to extreme temperatures, the cannabis plant can die!


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