Here’s another good reason to gamble on the Microsoft Surface Duo

Here's another good reason to gamble on the Microsoft Surface Duo

Surface Duo

The Microsoft Surface Duo will provide three years of Android operating system updates, it has emerged.

The device will ship with Android 10 on board, meaning the device will get OS and security updates right up until Android 13. “Surface Duo will be supported with OS and security updates for 3 years,” a company spokesperson told The Verge.

Microsoft’s commitment matches that from Samsung, which recently promised three generations of updates for new devices, even backdating it to the Galaxy S10. Google, of course, is also offering the three years of updates for its own Pixel phones and it’ll be interesting to see whether other major manufacturers follow suit.

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The commitment is smart from Microsoft and gives potential buyers another reason to take a gamble on what is an unproven device right with a brand new dual-screen form factor.

Microsoft’s pitch is a device optimised with all of the Microsoft services you require for productivity, but with equal access to the Play Store, Google Assistant and all of the good stuff you’d expect when running a mainstream Android phone.

The handset can be used in multiple configurations, positioned as a traditional laptop, as a tent for watching content, as a book in order to view two apps, or one app in an expanded view.

There is some concern over the dated nature of the specs, with reports suggesting it’ll only have a Snapdragon 855 processor, while lacking 5G and basic connectivity features like NFC meaning using for mobile payments won’t be possible in most cases. However, for many people, the form factor may be preferable to a genuine foldable device because it doesn’t have that unattractive crease down the middle of the display.

The handset went up for pre-order in the United States this week, costing $1,399, ahead of a release on September 10. It’s not clear whether it’ll arrive in the UK, with the company telling Trusted Reviews: “Initially, Surface Duo will be available in the US.”

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