Google Maps now supports CarPlay’s coolest feature, makes Apple Watch return

Google Maps now supports CarPlay's coolest feature, makes Apple Watch return

Google Maps CarPlay Dashboard

Google is launching a serious Google Maps revamp for Apple devices, including a brand new Apple Watch app and an updated CarPlay experience.

Rolling out today, Google Maps for iOS brings support for Apple CarPlay’s Dashboard feature, which arrived in iOS 13 earlier this year.

The Dashboard feature enables drivers to see media controls or calendar appointments, a live map and turn by turn directions on the same display, rather than having to switch between the full screen various applications.

Until today, only Apple Maps supported Dashboard, but now Google is on board too, with the functionality now supported globally.

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In blog post today, Google wrote: “In the CarPlay Dashboard you can now switch or pause songs from your favourite media app, rewind or fast forward podcasts or audiobooks, or quickly check calendar appointments without ever leaving turn-by-turn navigation in Google Maps. The information is displayed in a split screen view so you can get the information you need while keeping your focus on the road.”

The feature came into play for third-party navigation apps with the launch of iOS 13.4 in March this year, so it’s taken Google a little bit of time to act upon the feature and bring it to iOS users.

Elsewhere, Google has refreshed the Google Maps experience for the Apple Watch, and has relaunched the Apple Watch app removing it from the platform way back in 2017. The new app offers on-display step-by-step walking, driving and cycling directions on the wrist.

“Quickly get estimated arrival times and step-by-step directions to destinations you’ve saved, like Home or Work, and other shortcuts you’ve designated in the app. For all other destinations, you can start navigating from your phone and pick up where you left off on your watch,” Google says.

The new version of the Apple Watch Google Maps app is coming soon, Google says.

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