Get stuck in with KitSound’s new Diggit 55 outdoor Bluetooth speaker

Get stuck in with KitSound's new Diggit 55 outdoor Bluetooth speaker

KitSound’s Diggit 55 is the latest speaker in the brand’s Bluetooth outdoor speaker range, and comes with a few new features over its predecessor.

KitSound’s Diggit 55 (£49.99) is a Bluetooth speaker tailor-made for the outdoors, and comes packaged with a removable stake for literally sticking it into the ground.

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Attach the stake at the bottom of the speaker and it can be placed in grass, sand or even snow. The stake also helps with the audio performance, as the clearance should allow for the sound to travel without getting lost in the ground. It comes with an IP66 resistance for water and dust, so it’s shielded from the elements come rain or shine.

Other features of the Diggit 55 includes the Outdoor EQ Mode and ‘Tap to Pair’ stereo pairing functionality. The former optimises the audio for its surroundings, while the Tap to Pair feature needs two speakers to be tapped together in the right spot, and then they’ll connect to generate a stereo performance.

Battery life is up to 15 hours, so it should be able to last most of the day. Re-charge back to full takes 4 hours. The audio is supplied by double dual opposing drivers, made up of two active and two passive drivers. According to Diggit this helps to deliver “crisp notes and deep bass”. Bluetooth is version 5.0, and there’s an LED downlight built into the speaker so it can provide some ambient lighting while you listen to music in the evenings.

The Diggit 55 is available to purchase now for £49.99 from retailers such as Amazon, eBay and most high street retailers.

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